I am married to my one and only high school sweetheart and best friend for 34 years now. I am also a mother to 5 wonderful children ranging in age from 28 down to 11 years old. I love Jesus with all my heart and am so thankful for the life He has given me. For the past 28 years, I have been a stay at home mom focused on raising my family. I can promise you it has been a true adventure. I would liken it to a roller coaster ride most of the time. Just a little side note, I love the movie Parenthood, where the grandma shares her analogy of life being like a roller coaster. If you haven’t seen it, watch it!  My husband reminds me quite often how true it is. When you’re on a roller coaster, life is never boring.

I don’t claim to have a perfect life nor all the answers but I am willing to be honest with you about my own experiences- the good ones and the not so good ones. It is my hope that you can connect and be encouraged to know you are not doing life alone.