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celebration of life…

I think we all agree life deserves to be celebrated.

Well here at the beginning of this new year, we have already had the privilege of being part of 2 celebrations. And I am thankful for both for different reasons.

It is a gift.

First, we have some new neighbors and friends that were expecting their 5th child and the first week of the new year they were blessed to welcome their new son to their family. We were able to be there with their other children while they were in the hospital and just join in the celebration of this precious new life.

And then at the close of the first week of the year, we also were blessed to attend a service celebrating the life of one of our church members. She was 92 and on December 30th she went to be with the Lord. And they had a wonderful event to celebrate her life. It was beautiful.

You may now be wondering where I am headed with this. Hang tight and I will explain.

For me both of these events caused me to be very reflective. Remembering when each of our children entered the world and our family. And how life changes that very instant. And then looking at this tiny baby boy barely 6 pounds and thinking about the life ahead of him. Again what a gift!

And then switch gears to the home going of our dear sweet 92 year old friend. And the stories we heard about her from when she was little all the way to when we met her and got to know her over the last 15 years. I mean what a life she had led. Again a gift! So I think you get my point here. If you haven’t picked up on it I am simply stating “Life is a gift.”  

No matter what stage or age you are in life it is something to be treasured. And not just the parts and times that are going well. ALL OF IT.

Begin today embracing every part of your life. And finding joy even in the imperfections. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You know why? Because being imperfect and making mistakes is part of the gift. Much of the time the mistakes or imperfections we learn to work with or through are actually ways we learn. So whatever it looks like for you, just use this gift of life to make a difference today and share that joy.

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