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Well another Christmas day has come to end. How was your day? For our family it was a sweet day filled with moments of making new memories and also remembering old ones as well.

Opening gifts is always the first thing we do, followed by our annual trip to Waffle House for breakfast. We then return home and just enjoy the day just being together. Whether that is watching a movie, playing a game or some of us taking a much needed post Christmas morning nap. But I will say there is just something so very special about this day to me. There always seems to be a certain stillness that surrounds it. I don’t exactly know how to describe it but it is almost as if time just stops. I know of course it doesn’t but there is just a special peace and quiet about this day.

Maybe it has to do with knowing that all the hustle and bustle that accompanies this season is over. Or that the gifts are all opened, even the ones that may be exchanged. All the cookies and candies are half eaten and the tree that was covered with presents is now empty again. But I am not sure this is what brings this stillness either. Do you know what I am talking about? It is such a wonderful and unusual feeling I wish I could capture and keep everyday of the year.

I think for me where the quiet peace this day brings can be traced back to is that little stable in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. When I think and ponder what that night must have been like, it is almost unimaginable. But if I try I can catch in my minds eye a glimpse of what that beautiful night was like for Mary and Joseph. What a glorious and perfect night it must have been. Not because the circumstances or the surroundings were perfect, they were far from it. But because the gift that was given to all of us on that night was the one and only perfect gift that would ever be given, Jesus. I challenge you to just be still for a minute and consider thoughtfully how this perfect gift can overshadow all the imperfect pieces of us as individuals and in our lives.

I reflect on the wonder of this day as it comes to an end, I am so very thankful for the gift of Jesus to the world. No matter what the surroundings or circumstances are in our lives, He is and forever will be the perfect gift to and for all of us.

May I suggest a challenge? Will you allow yourself to just be still for a minute tonight before you put your head to the pillow and close your eyes on this day? And just take that time to consider how this perfect gift can and will overshadow all of our imperfections both in us as individuals as well as in our lives, if we will but accept it. What an incredible gift!

Merry Christmas!

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