The definition of freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

What thoughts come to mind when you read that definition? If you are like me then the answer is many thoughts and ideas. My first thought is basically we can say, do, or act however we want in any given situation. It is true that we do have the freedom to choose how we act, speak, respond or react but we also have boundaries put in place to protect us from ourselves right?

In America, we have so many freedoms that many countries all over the world are not privileged to have. We have here the freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom and right to vote and the list goes on and on. I would say we are a very blessed country for sure.

Curious to me though, is if we have all these freedoms that are too numerous to even list, then why are there so many people living such sad and desperate lives? I can only speak from my own thoughts and experiences of course but I hope something might resonate with you today as you read this.

You see in my life I have experienced by my own choices periods of time where I lived in a bondage I created myself. For about 13 years+ I struggled with an eating disorder. It was like living in a self made prison. And it wasn’t until I finally reached the bottom that I finally looked up. When I did, it was no surprise that the one who died to give me freedom in every possible way was gently and with open arms waiting on me. Jesus, and He didn’t condemn me, or make me feel less than, no instead He just reminded me of who He created me to be and that any and all freedom I would ever need He had already provided. I just had to walk in it.

It was like a weight had been lifted. Now I can tell you there are still plenty of times I will begin to allow the day to day battles we all face to begin to imprison me. But it doesn’t happen as quickly or as often as it once did.

The more we choose to walk in the freedom that He died to give us on the cross, the easier it becomes to keep those times at bay. All the freedoms in the world can and never will replace the freedom that Jesus died to give us.

If you are struggling with something today that has you feeling defeated or imprisoned, I would like to encourage you. You are not alone! Do not swallow that lie that the enemy wants you to believe. You are more than an overcomer in the name of Jesus and by his blood.

And then you need to fight. If you aren’t sure how, then here is a way that God gave me many years ago in the depth of my worst days. Find scriptures that you can speak over your life, write them down, place them around your house, office, car or wherever you will see them most often. Begin to meditate on these life giving words. There is power in the Word and it is a weapon along with prayer and praise.

And declare that today is the day you begin to walk in total freedom and then watch the bars and chains begin to fall as you step into the new life God has for you.

You are free!!

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