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hidden blessings…

Let me tell you a very sweet story, with a very good lesson in it for all of us. A couple of years ago in our family, let’s just say we were in a state of needing a little shake up in our daily lives. You see we have been very focused on our new business and getting it started. I was just feeling a little bit stuck in somewhat of a rut. Of course I am pretty sure most all of us can identify with that feeling. Note to self: remember not to let your feelings be your guide. But in this case it was a combination, of feelings and truly wanting a new addition to our family.

We had recently lost 2 of our dogs, both to old age and illness. It had been a difficult year as we loved them very much. So my very sweet husband and daughters and even myself, decided that a puppy would be a wonderful addition to the family and a great birthday gift for me. So we began our search.

I will confess we are dog lovers, well most of us. My husband always tells people he is not a dog lover, he just loves me very much, which is true. I am very blessed. So we started to look and had decided to try to find a Labradoodle. We had always had poodles and the one of mine that had passed away was “Misty” my standard poodle. But we had read and heard so much about this breed that we made our choice to find a Labradoodle. I will add at this point we had very little to spend on a puppy, with a new business budget that was very tight. However my girls were determined and so was I that we could find the right dog. And then we saw an ad for Labradoodle puppies, for the amount we could afford. So I made the call, asked all the pertinent questions, and for additional pictures of both the mom and dad. The person we were talking to about the puppies obliged and sent me pictures. The mom was a standard poodle and the dad an English Lab. The puppies were beautiful. We agreed on and chose the little boy and then they drove to go pick him up. And we already had him named “Linus” after my love of “Peanuts”.

He immediately stole our hearts.

He was a gorgeous sandy blonde with darker caramel ears and spots on his back to match. We eagerly began to watch him grow. We expected him to be about 45-50 lbs. when he was full grown. However, as he grew it started to become evident he was not going to reach that size. And he wasn’t really looking much like the pictures we had seen of Labradoodle’s either. And everywhere we took him and would tell people what kind of dog he was, we would get very strange reactions. We finally determined he was more than likely a mix of a Jack Russell terrier, and maybe a small Lab. I finally had to accept that he was not the dog we thought he was. But by now I had truly grown to love him and his rather wild and spastic personality.

Here is what I learned.

We can do all our research. We can make plans. We can do our very best to orchestrate all the things in our lives. But let’s face it, life just doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. And when that happens and it is going to happen to all of us at one time or another.

We have a choice to make.

How will we react in these times? We can either in our own imperfections get upset and tirelessly try to change things, which is one option. Or we can learn to accept and be content with where we find ourselves. And isn’t learning to be content the better option? You see even though Linus did not end up being the dog I thought I wanted, he did end up being the right dog for me. He was and is “my hidden blessing” that is a constant reminder to be content in my life despite my circumstances, and I would not trade him or that lesson for anything.

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