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Laughter is a gift.

Laughter is also a choice.

Laughter is also good for our health.

So that has to mean it should be a big part of our lives.

I love to laugh. I don’t laugh near enough. I am fairly sure most people in today’s world don’t laugh near enough. Most of all I love to laugh with my husband. It is one of my most favorite things to do. We both love to laugh together.

I am very privileged to be able to tell you that my husband who was my one and only boyfriend, and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in this year 2019. Every time I say it I still can’t believe it but it is true. And we have been through so much in our years of marriage. You can read more about that in the post “my story.” And we are 2 very passionate people in our relationship. We are not the meek and mild type. We are very much in love, and we are each others best friend. And yes we do argue and sometimes aren’t always as nice as we should be to one another but we are committed to each other imperfections and all.

Over the years, we have been around other couples that seem to never argue or even have a cross word between them. This is an observation I have brought up to my husband on more than one occassion. He quickly reminds me of something a wise older gentleman, who was a father of a good friend of ours told us in our very early years of marriage.

He said that if or when we encounter a couple that seems to never argue, then they are lacking passion. Passionate people that are in love argue, and they also share the gift of laughter. My husband has never forgotten this piece of wisdom.

What a gift! We as a family, well me more than all our kids laugh that my husband and their dad will laugh at himself. Even if he is telling the same funny story he has told a thousand times he will at the same part of the story break into laughter. And even funnier is we know the exact moment in the story he will begin to laugh.

If laughter is something that you are missing in your life, then find something funny to laugh about today. I even laugh at myself sometimes and the silly things I make a big deal about that aren’t a big deal at all. Some of those dents that we all have. Or mistakes that we make. We all need to lighten up and enjoy the lives we have been given.

Use the gift of laughter today to encourage someone in their life, You might just find yourself laughing too!

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