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silence of the season…

Last night my daughter and I attended a special Christmas event just for women. We had a great night of worship, listened to some amazing life stories shared by other women like ourselves. And also heard the retelling of the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary and Elizabeth. It was quite an evening. But the most amazing and beautiful part happened at the end.

You see I would guess there were well over 1000+ women there last night. So needless to say it was not all that quiet. But as our time together came to a close we were asked to do one thing. That one thing was to walk out in complete silence, just a peaceful silence as we left reflecting on the stories and worship we had just heard. And it was awesome! As we exited the auditorium not a word was spoken, just what I would call a “holy hush” it was beautiful.

And it got me to really thinking about the busyness that surrounds this season. And if we are honest that busyness invades every season of our lives doesn’t it? And in all that fills our days and nights it can be difficult to find that time to be quiet and still.

So where do you find your quiet? Do you have a special place you like to go? Maybe a room in your home, a park or even driving alone in your car. Do you struggle to find these precious moments of quiet? And do you realize how important these moments of silence are for each of us?

Silence is a good thing. We cannot hear one another if we don’t listen and we can’t listen if we aren’t quiet. And even more important we cannot hear from the Lord if we don’t take the time to be quiet and listen to Him.

God wants to speak to us, He longs to spend those quiet moments with us. To teach us, to comfort us, to encourage us and to love on us.

I can tell you that when I got home from last nights event, I had already forgotten some of the lyrics to the worship songs we sang that I was determined to remember because they were refreshing. But I can tell you what I didn’t forget and will never forget about last night.

The sweet, peaceful silence.

Give yourself the best gift this season, the gift of silence in the presence of the Lord. May you all have a blessed, peaceful, and Merry Christmas!

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